Assessor Training Course
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Assessor Training Course
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Previous Occupation:
Warehouse Operative. Machine Operator, Shop Owner

Current Occupation:
Assessor – Warehouse and Distribution, Retail. PMO, Customer Services

Avtar has had over 27 years experience working at many levels including running his own Newsagents. He struggled with the hours and when his partner fell in. He sold his business and looked for other opportunities. He came to Pathway as they provided the learners to assess for the practical part of the course.

Once completing the course. Avtar found full time employment straight away with a large college in East Midlands working solely for the Toyota factory in Derby.


Previous Occupation:
Unemployed Restauranteur

Current Occupation:
Assessor for Private Training Provider

Salim, 53 a previous restauranteur went out of business due to a fall in revenues. He was determined that his 12 years of experience in the restaurant trade was not going to go to waste, so he signed to an advice and guidance programme at a local college. After looking at all his experience the college advised Salim that NVQ assessing and training would be a career option for him.

Salim started his course with Pathway Assessing earlier and gained his certificate in 14 weeks later. Once qualified, Salim applied for assessing job’s advertised on various job boards and Salim was surprised to see how sought after he was as he was contacted by over 10 recruitment companies and employers within a week.

Salim received advice on applying for jobs, help with his CV and also interview advice and states that he hasn’t not looked back since.


Previous Occupation:
Customer Liaison Officer

Current Occupation:
Assessor and Trainer for Pathway and a Scout Leader

Paul has worked at Halifax Bank for 6 years as a customer liaison officer. He felt his career at Halifax had gone as far as it could, but that he had not yet reached his full potential and therefore he decided to research careers that require good communication skills.

He embarked on an assessor training course with New College Nottingham in partnership with Pathway and took 4 months to complete the course.

After successfully completing the course and gaining his qualification, Paul was offered a freelance position with Pathway. The job is ideal for him as he can fit it easily around his other passion which is Scouts and taking expeditions.


Previous Occupation:
Senior Carer

Current Occupation:
Pathway Assessor

Gladys was encouraged by her Assessor when she was doing her Level 3 in Health and Social Care to train as an assessor with Pathway. She is now one employed as of our Health and Social Assessors.

“The programme was quite heavy, but unlimited support and assistance was provided by Pathway. I have learned a tremendous amount and gained so much confidence.”

Gladys being a Carer was worried about embarking on a course that wouldn’t bring her any financial benefit. She says that: “I am so glad that I chose this career. I love assessing and I have more money! I have already advised three of my learners to also take the course and train to become Assessors like I did. This was the best piece of advise that anyone has given me”.


Previous Occupation:
Army, Taxi Driver, Recruitment Consultant

Current Occupation:
Assessor & Mentor for a private training provider

Bobby was in the army from the age of 16, then became a private hire driver and then managed to get a career as a trainee recruitment consultant. Unfortunatly he was made redundant went the company went into liquidation. He was referred by the job centre on a response to redundancy programme to Pathway. Pathway Assesssing trained him up to become and Assessor and he now works Freelance on earns double his previous salary as recruitment consultant. He does mainly Road passenger Vehicle Driving and Customer Service qualifications and states that he has experience no shortage of work and his business is booming.

He states: "I particularly love the impact I have on other people’s lives as well as the freedom to choose my own hours."


Previous Occupation:
Care Manager

Current Occupation:
Assessor in Health & Social Care and a Care Manager

Julie continues to be employed as a Care Manager but also works as an Apprenticeship Assessor with a private training provider in Wolverhampton which she is able to fit in nicely around her work commitments. Julie states that the Care industry is notorious for high stress levels and Assessing takes me away from thinking about my care home all the time and also the extra money does help. She may look at doing this fulltime either for a training provider or even as in house trainer for a large group of care homes.

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