Assessor Training Course
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Assessor Training Course
     Assessor Training Course  

Assessor Training Course

In order to be totally competent and to hold your head up high, you really need an Advanced Refresher Course; and you are heading the right path with our Pathway Assessing Group, the best Organization to guide, help and advise the individual whose interest goes way beyond his expectations.

Our Assessor Training Course offers a structured Training Programme with a combination of experiences in and off the job environment.  This is a healthy mix of training, based on oneís work experience.  Each candidate sincerely provides their current work experience and details of how they attained their relevant competency.  An in-depth scrutiny will be done on their Portfolio, skills and talents to be competent. Our focus in this course is to provide a development pathway, to further develop their skills and gain a more holistic viewpoint on the training experience. We ensure that assessment methods and practices are regularly reviewed to facilitate continuous improvement in our course participants.  Additionally, you will also learn to conduct training and assessment evaluations and lead a team in developing Organizational policies and procedures, manage contracted work and how to recruit, select and induct staff.  Advance and enhance your career in training and you will be confident in your ability to do the following:
  • Tailor Unites of competency and package Units into a qualification to meet a Clients training needs.
  • Review complete training programs.
  • Prepare learning plans, identify and assess constraints.
  • Conduct work according to Organizational quality assurance procedures.
  • Plan, organize and facilitate training sessions within a workplace.
  • Assess a learnerís competence.
For the Assessors qualifications, they are generally required to hold a formal recognition for three assessments related Units of competency, from the Business Services Training Package (BSB07) and have to be technically competent in the aspect of work that is being assessed.   Under the National Training Framework, the purpose of National recognition must be undertaken in accordance with the Assessment guidelines specified in the relevant Industry Training Package.  These requirements must be met by the individual Assessors qualifications or between the Members of an Assessment Panel.  The Assessor should hold formal recognition in Units of, Training And Assessment Training Package (TAA04), to demonstrate equivalent competencies., All assessors who are engaged in assessing must be either employed by an RTO  or acting under the auspices of an RTO., or I Partnership arrangement with a private or public RTO. We will be delighted to have you enroll with us, so do not hesitate to call on us and be a shining star.

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