Assessor Training Course
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Assessor Training Course
     Becoming an Internal Verifier  


If you are already a qualified assessor,  becoming an internal verifier can be the next big step you take to advance in your career!

Internal Verifiers have the expertise to  maintain internal quality assurance of assessment processes and practices.   The role may involve:

  • Managing and supporting other assessors
  • Monitoring assessors to ensure they follow  assessment guidelines set by awarding bodies and funding providers
  • Ensuring quality of assessments and standardisation  of delivery by sharing best practices
  • Conducting observations and offering assessors  constructive feedback on assessments
  • Maintaining up to date records of internal  verification and sampling activities
  • Auditing internal quality systems
  • Liaising with learners and external verifiers
  • Review external verifiers recommendations and  integrate into existing systems
  • Continuously improving standards within the organisation

To become an internal verifier Ė all you need  to do is complete the Training, Assessment and Quality  Assurance (TAQA) qualifications we offer.

The course is delivered at one of the Pathway  Groupís centres in the Birmingham area. Alternatively the learners could opt  for distance learning. The course duration depends on the learner and can take  about 6-12 months. The course cost is £1000 +VAT.

The TAQA qualifications options  for verifying include:

  • Level 4  Award in Understanding the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes  and Practice (6 credits)
  • Level 4  Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice  (12 credits)
  • Level 4  Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes (17 credits)

For a full  price list for these qualifications, please contact  us.


Similar to  assessing jobs, there is a requirement in the education and training industry  for qualified verifiers to ensure the assessors are working according to set  guidelines and meeting industry standards within an organisation.

On completing the course, a qualified IQA can earn a starting salary of  around £19-£25K; with experience verifiers can earn roughly £25-£35K (FTE) per  annum.

Further progression options include taking up  an external verifier position, which involves making approval visits and  recommendations on internal quality assurance systems. Alternatively, you could  complete courses aimed at the lifelong learning sector and become a teacher.

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