QCF Assessor Training Courses
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NVQ Assessor Training
     QCF and NVQ Assessor Training Courses London  

QCF and NVQ Assessor Training Courses London

Get inspired to indulge in a new Training Course which will benefit us in the longer run! Get yourself enrolled in  QCF Assessor Training Courses, with the QCF Assessor Certificate Level 3., a full Assessor Award, best suited for very many of us who need to be qualified in all aspects of  Assessment.

Our Pathway Assessing, ongoing enrolment is so convenient that once you have enrolled with us, you would be contacted within two days, and you will be registered with us and will be given our full support and relevant procedures throughout our Programme, either by phone, email, and thorough Assessment planning.  Our Prerequisites suitability and application for this QCF Assessor Certificate level 3 are as follows.
  • Learners must be 19 years or older.
  • An initial Assessment (literacy and numeracy) has to be completed.
  • You need to have access to the computer with internet.
  • You must be registered with an accredited centre, to assess candidates in the workplace, and be cap able to train learners in a college environment.
  • You must have a designated counter signatory and an Internal Verifier, both registered at the same centre.
Additionally to all this, you have to first enquire if this QCF Training course, is suitable for you, only then you can proceed further for the other Full Assessor course Content.

To request in-depth information, which is absolutely free, you can login our site and fill in the required details in the Performa therein, and we will get back to you at the earliest.
  • There are a number of QCF Assessor Training courses available in London, which has a framework of Accredited Vocational qualifications, which has been in place since January 2011. With this QCF framework, a qualification is composed of several Units known as “Competence/knowledge Units” QCF Assessors prepares candidates for Assessments of their work to obtain the Award with the QUALIFICATIONS CREDITS FRAMEWORK (QCF). Assessors support, Assess and motivate their candidates who are working towards their QCF.
  • Having several such QCF Assessor Training centers in UK, you should be able to choose which Provider could help you get qualified, and should be suitable for your time schedule.  Besides the difference between the price and flexibility, many such Providers wait to run the Courses, until they have enough students to sign up.

    There are different QCF sectors you can train in:
    • Administrators (PA’s, Admin Assistants, Managers, Team Leaders) Assessor training.
    • Beauty Therapists Assessor training’
    • Book Keepers Assessor training
    • Brick Layers Assessor training
You need to make a survey and then confirm your enrollment with a particular QCF Support Provider.  Companies and Educational Providers that deliver NVQ Assessor Courses are listed in a Training and Advise centre.

Our Pathway Assessing is a specialist Training Provider and our Pathway Group is a market leader in promoting and encouraging Apprenticeship recruitment and training.  Our Brand is one of the most popular in the Country. We have a strong track Record for achieving Apprenticeship and NVQ Assessor outcomes with several groups.  We not only specialize in Training new Assessors and Trainers to the highest standards, but provide much more than you can imagine.

  • We work in Partnership with a number of stakeholders including Training providers/colleges and recruitment firms, to get you the best opportunity of putting your training into a real career.
  • We provide all our qualified Assessors with a Reference.
  • We offer a concession on all future bookings and a “refer a friend” discount and affiliate Service.
After counseling is done, we get a full commitment from our candidates before they start their enrollment with us, as we are fully committed in providing the very best.  We ensure our entire cooperation for you to be fully qualified and awarded.  A refund of your Fees will be given only, if you are unsatisfied and there is a genuine reason.  We are sure this is has never occurred, as we have always maintained our part of delivering our utmost in our QCF and NVQ Assessor Training.

Looking forward to hearing from you, your enthusiasm to obtain this fine opportunity in getting your full courses done through our Pathway Assessing Groups will for sure take you heights in your career.

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