Assessor Training Course
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Assessor Training Course


Shift Happens A little old now but still very relevant. Change is a certainity and we all need to adapt.

Donald Trump giving frank advice on career choice:

A range of personal stories from individuals who have qualified as Assessors:

1.    Julie from Chichester talks about qualifying as an Assessor

2.    Alison Sturge -  Assessor

3.    Denise Clarke-Williams - Qualified Assessor

4.    Sue - Assesment Centre Manager

Examples of Assessors doing their jobs:

1.    An Assessor carrying out an observation and gathering evidence:

Background to the Industry:

A government Minister talks about the Skills Gap and Skills Development: Part1

Minister talks Developing Skills:Part 2

UK Commission talking about  The ambition 2020 report

Alison Wolf - 'An Adult Approach to Further Education

Review of vocational education - The Wolf Report

Skills and progression Debate:
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