Assessor Training Course
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Assessor Training Course
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If  you are looking for job opportunities in assessing - Pathway Assessing can help  you find a course that could help you get that job or aid in your career  change. Our qualified assessors have the knowledge and tools to guide you with  your choice to pick the right career path.


At Pathway Assessing, we understand that a career  change can put a strain on you – and we are here to assist you each step of the  way.

We will help you use your existing skill set and  industry expertise, to build on picking the right assessing course and career  for you. Your experience in a particular sector could be a gateway to imparting  this knowledge to learners who would benefit from your expertise.

Our trainer assessors will look at the tasks that  you have performed in the past, and explain what assessor could best suit you.  Contact us for more information – our friendly staff will help signpost you to  the right course.


The government aims to  improve the skill base of our workforce to promote vocational education in the  lifelong learning sector. This proves to be a great time for potential  assessors to deliver training in this area.

Working as an Assessor in  the Vocational Learning industry, would mean helping young people who might be  looking for an alternative to university or even businesses who want to enhance  staff skills.

You will need skills to  adapt to the challenge of working with individuals from different age groups  and tailor training based on their individual and work needs. This includes assessors  working in the lifelong learning sector you will need to ensure learners  meeting the standards required to qualify and start their career.



If you are concerned that  the Assessor courses are not financially viable, don’t worry! We have funding  options available for eligible learners who might be claiming any benefits.  Please contact us to speak to an advisor  for more details.


We fully understand that you have various  responsibilities and aim to deliver the course in a flexible format in a time  and place that suits you. You can work at your own pace with the help of your  assessor to complete the course.


Pathway Assessing not only offers courses to help  you qualify for an assessor role, but also signposts learners to job  opportunities. In addition, our parent company Pathway Group links Pathway  Assessing to Pathway Recruitment, which regularly posts vacancies on their  website. These include vacancies looking for qualified:

Pathways are available to help you start your new career today.


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